About us

County-Wide Directory, LLC is locally owned and has operated since 1995 in Lyon county, IA.

From the first county published, we have continually grown to now offer nearly 300 counties in the Midwest and Great Plains. We are the only plat book company of its kind to offer directories & maps for the entire state of South Dakota. Each year we continue to expand our coverage in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Click Here for more details of our coverage area.

From our early inception, a multitude of individuals and businesses have used our directories for the plat and rural resident features as a tremendous resource to locate rural addresses, hunting and fishing spots, to make deliveries, for identifying plat ownership and more! We have the right product suitable for your needs as well and encourage you to join our satisfied users of realtors, ag businesses, hunters, county governments and the general public for complete up-to-date accurate information. The convenience and low cost of our directories has proved to save time, money and needless travel by all of our users.